Probe: Creatively Maladjusted
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Agent J’s Cult Sci-Fi Television--Probe
This is part of a larger site devoted to information about sci-fi shows. It contains a detailed episode guide (summaries,stars, and technical credits).

A romantic vignette from the two points of view of Michelle Castle and Austin James. Written by Maureen S. O’Brien.

Entertainment Geekly: Dead Air: Probe
A review and retrospective on "Probe" written by Chris Stewart. Dead link.

Every Generation Has a Show
A fan reminisces about the show. Ends abruptly.

Karmilla’s Krypt--Probe
Another fan page with many, many pictures, and a short episode guide. If you want to put a face to the name go here.

Probe (a Titles and Air Dates Guide)'s guide. Very simple, but does have the airdates.

Starring Parker Stevenson
Great page, very detailed and comprehensive, dedicated to Parker Stevenson. Maintained by Janet. Also check out her page on "Probe." It has some unique information you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else, as well as some beautiful promo photos of Parker Stevenson and Ashley Crow as Mickey and Austin.

Probe Resurrected (formerly A Tribute to Probe)
A good page with photos, some detailed summaries, and quotes. Also, links to tape traders. Maintained by Suzanne, who has recently started up-loading the episodes to YouTube. Follow her links to access that.