Probe: Creatively Maladjusted
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Thanks to Suzanne of A Tribute to Probe, for proofing these transcriptions.

Computer Logic Part I
Austin James certainly does not match my expectations of the president of Serendip. He's eccentric and rude. It's not a plus that he's dragged me along to the deathscene of a prominent society woman. As much as her death is a mystery, Austin is much more enigmatic. Why ever would someone want to paint themselves blue?

Computer Logic Part II
I didn't quite understand why Austin took me to a computer convention, but after meeting John Blaine I think I'm beginning to get a little more of the picture. Maybe it's all connected, but if it is I have to confess I don't quite see it.

Untouched By Human Hands
There's a scientist dead at Serendip due to what looks like an accident. Austin's curiosity is piqued by a series of errors that could have made it happen. I'm a little more focused on the date that was interrupted by all this, even though the lengths to which Austin will go to get information have me more than a little amused.

Black Cats Don't Walk Under Ladders, Do They?
It took some haggling, but Austin did agree to appear on "The Marty Corrigan Show" to disprove Sabrina Stillwater's ability to cast a hex. He wants me to participate in the show, and I'm excited and nervous about that, especially since the show's one of my favorites.

Metamorphic, Anthropoidic, Prototype Over You
Serendip's gotten wind of a project involving a super-intelligent orangutan; I think it would be wonderful if Austin were to add backing to it, but he's adamantly against it. Too bad, I've already invited them to the warehouse. I'm hoping he won't be able to say no.

Now You See It (Now You're Gone)*
Austin continues to surprise me. He programmed the elevators he designed to call him "Dad". I shouldn't find that funny when a man's dead due to a malfunction of the elevator, especially since Austin's job is on the line if he doesn't find another cause for it.

Plan 10 From Outer Space
I thought Austin would enjoy this. I mean, a chance to observe an extraterrestrial phenomenon, who would pass up something like that? He doesn't seem to think it was such a good idea. Of course, the piles of sand gave me second thoughts, too.

This one wasn't my fault. The girl ran out right in front of me, claiming her parents weren't who they said they were, and, you know, Austin thinks this time there's definitely something strange going on.

*Title taken from satellite description. On screen it is titled "Now You See It..."