Probe: Creatively Maladjusted
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All clips are Windows Media Video format. Some are zipped. For entertainment purposes only.

Alone on the streets. (Computer Logic, 1.88mb, :44)

Mickey asleep. (Computer Logic, 657kb, :23)

Tag scene of "Computer Logic". (Computer Logic, 8.86mb, 3:28, zipped)

The power of suggestion. (Black Cats..., 1.68mb, 1:01)

Austin and Mickey disagree. (Plan 10..., 1.03mb, :24)

Setting traps. (Plan 10..., 1.18mb, :27)

Austin asks how Mickey slept. (Plan 10..., 385kb, :08)

Austin and the "glitch". (Plan 10..., 717kb, :16)

Mickey won't argue with Austin. (Plan 10..., 750kb, :16)

Austin built a mental castle. (Plan 10..., 1.18mb, :43)